My center is 1 of 700 Mathnasium centers nationwide.  After a very thorough and lengthy research, headquarters recommended Upsilon Payments as the preferred vendor.  That is how I signed up with them last year.

Since Upsilon Payments was recommended by headquarters, I expected excellent customer service, low rates, easy to use, saving me time and money overall.

I have to tell you Upsilon Payments has exceeded even that initial high expectations.  Like with any new system, I had a lot of questions, some dumb, some smarter, with everyone, Upsilon Payments was very responsive, not just with their time and attention but also with their resources - getting the software development team to improve system user interface, or his banking partners to lower the rates, or waive fees.  I have been very pleased and would recommend Upsilon Payments without any reservation.

Myrtha, Mathnasium of Newton


My business is Mathnasium and I bill predominantly on a monthly recurring basis and I also use the ACH feature and one-time charges to credit cards. I swipe no cards nor sell any merchandise. I previously used another Payment Processor.

Upsilon Payment's portal is very easy to use and accounts for virtually every nuance I run into.  Upsilon Payments is also extremely cooperative in adding new features that make sense for my business.

Almost as importantly, I am paying about .5% less on the charges which as you know can add up.  Ray doesn't hit you for any start-up software charges and is virtually always available for any problems that may arise.  The payment report is very descriptive and easy to read.

My perception and experience are that Ray is a well priced, high service customer's 'man' with a high degree of integrity.  Great combination in my book.

Hope this adds some color to your search for a vendor.

Mark, Mathnasium of Twin Cities South


I have only been in business for 6 months, but I have to say you have the best customer service of any vendor I have dealt with. Thank you so much! I have another job in addition to Mathnasium, so I am ever so grateful that you are so responsive and that I can resolve my questions or problems within a few minutes vs. hours or days. MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Julia, Mathnasium of Bedminster 
“Thank you, sir!!! As always, you take care of any issues quickly. It is appreciated. Have a great rest of your day.”
Dimitrios, Mathnasium of Sterling