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Upsilon Payments Welcomes Griswold Home Health Care Franchisees


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fran-landWith over 500 Kiddie Academy, Mathnasium and Griswold Homecare Locations currently using the Upsilon Payments system, we know franchise companies.

 The United States processes almost $1,000,000,000 in short-term Credit (Credit Cardgriswold-button) payments every month.  I think you will agree people want to pay using their credit/debit cards. We also know that people want to pay their fees and bills ONLINE. Our Franchise Locations know this personally, last month (January 2012) we processed 9,560 payments, and 90% of these payments were made by our Merchants’ customers themselves ONLINE …this equates to almost $2,000,000 a month in payments made by our Merchants’ customers online.

When your Customers pay you with a credit card online two critical things happen – you make your client happy, and you get more customers. Remember also the opposite holds true. If you are worried about the Card fees remember 100% of $30,000 in monthly Cash and Check payments is still less than 98.00% of $60,000 in Card Payments. 20% of payments to our Merchants’ locations are made from Parent’s Smart Phones!

Our System

The Upsilon Payments system is web based and resides on our Servers,

Your customer’s payment information (both Check and Card) is encrypted and Upsilon Payments is PCI DSS compliant using the most advanced anti-intrusion software available.

Our PCI DSS compliance provides insurance if the unfortunate event occurs that your customer’s financial information is compromised -- you are covered.

NOTE: If you currently have sensitive payment data residing on your Server and you have not yet been PCI DSS compliant certified you are subject up to $100,000 in fines for the first non-compliance offense…to be SAQ -D PCI certified will cost you additionally up to $20,000 to $30,000 in software and hardware upgrades.



No annual fees.

No set-up fees.

No Cancellation fees.

$19.95 per month in monthly hosting for Card Payments.

$9.95 per month in monthly hosting fees for ACH Payments.

$19.95 per quarter for PCI Compliance.

$.50 for every check payment processed.

40 basis Points over Interchange rate –

A debit card transaction will cost you $.82 for every $100.

A Visa Signature Preferred Card will cost $2.89 for every $100.

(40% of our Merchant Card Payments are from debit/check).

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