About Upsilon Payments

Upsilon Payments (formally known as WePayOnline.net) believes managing your company’s payment processing across multiple platforms - virtual terminal, card swipe, public websites, and mobile apps - is critical to being financially healthy.

Upsilon Payments relentlessly embraces the philosophy of safe and secure access to financial information through personal computer web browsers, mobile devices, and portable devices for all members of the transaction chain.

When point of sale clerks, accounts receivable staff, sales management, franchisor executives, customers, vendors, recurring payment customers, and franchise managers and owners are all able to log into the same system and view the payment data they are allowed to see and manage it in ways that are effective to them and communicate information to other members of the transaction chain; something special happens. Labor costs start to go down, and customer satisfaction goes up, planning and evaluation begin to get easier and big business gain synergy in their payment processing.
Let's face it, the point of business is ultimately processing payments, that is why you started your business, got an education, learned a trade skill, and started your day today. Don't get caught hanging on to old ways of doing payment processing; the rules have changed, and digital access and implementation is the new game.

Upsilon Payments is there for you if you are a small or medium sized franchisor, franchisee, or business owner and just don't quite "get it" when it comes to online card and ACH transactions. We DO "get it" and have been "getting it" for some time, and our goal is to help you every way we can.




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